Bushiroad has announced Future Card Buddyfight Ace: Special Series Alternative Vol. 1 - Buddy Ragnarok, the final set for the Future Card Buddyfight trading card game, for release on September 25.

Buddy Ragnarok brings the game to a close with a final set featuring cards to boost many of the game’s popular decks, including “G Evo”; “Dimension Dragon”; “Astrodragon”; “Linkdragon Order”; “Godpunk”; “Electrodeity”; “Folktale”; “Dragonblood Sect”; “Drametal”; and “MAX Dragon”. Buddy characters Drum, Bar, Batzz, and Jack will also be included with classic illustrations and new abilities. The set is a combination of cards from the final two Japanes sets and will include a special "thank you" card signed by Bushiroad Group founder, Takaaki Kidani.

Future Card Buddyfight Ace: Special Series Alternative Vol. 1 - Buddy Ragnarok features 172 card types (164 new cards and 8 reissues), including 18 SR; 16 SP; 36 RRR; and 102 RR. Reissue cards will feature new illustrations and have the SR foil treatment. Each display will include all 172 cards, a copy of each. Cartons will include 16 displays.

Bushiroad has stated that official tournaments and events, shop tournaments, customer and rules support, and Defect and Exchanges for the game will continue as normal until June 30, 2021.

Future Card Buddyfight Ace Ultimate Booster Vol. 6: Buddy Again Vol. 3 - Beyond the Ages will also release on September 25. Beyond the Ages was originally announced to release on May 15 (see “‘Future Card BuddyFight Ace Ultimate Booster Vol. 6’ Grows Up”).

Click the Gallery below to see art from Buddy Ragnarok!