Kang the Conqueror will bring new challenges to Marvel Champions: The Card Game in a new Scenario Pack: The Once and Future Kang.  The gameplay takes advantage of Kang’s time-altering powers to expand the possibilities. 

In the first stage of this scenario, it’s a straight-up brawl against Kang the Conqueror.  Once that stage has been beaten, Kang will use his powers to separate the heroes across time and space, dropping them each into their own play area and dimension.  A new version of Kang is waiting in each dimension.  Heroes then team with other heroes in another game area, until the entire team is back together and they return to the present day and a final showdown.

Three modular encounter sets offer battles against a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Central Park, against Kang as the Master of Time, or against Kang’s personal guard, the Anachronauts. 

MSRP will be $19.95.  No release date was announced.

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