Wizards of the Coast announced that they would push back the release date of Commander Collection: Green, a set of eight green-color themed cards for Magic: The Gathering, to December 4 due to production delays.

COVID-19 stifles WotC's supply chain again as they announced the delay of Commander Collection: Green, which was originally slated for September 4 in Q3 (see "WotC Unveils Four New 'Commander' Products for 'Magic: The Gathering'"), till December 4. They also cited that the delay was "unfortunately out of our control", and apologized for potential inconveniences it would cause. WotC's Year of Commander has been fairly laden with COVID-19 delays, mostly shipping and production related (see " Wizards of the Coast Announces More 'Magic: The Gathering' Shipping Delays", and also, "'Magic: The Gathering' 'Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition' Delayed"). Yet, WotC continues to press onward in an attempt to keep product flowing into market to coincide their summer release schedule (see "Super Summerdrop Announced for 'Magic: The Gathering's' 'Secret Lair'").