Marvel Comics has chosen Howard the Duck as the 300th comic to be published as a Marvel Masterworks edition.  The first volume of Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck will be published in March 2021 and will collect Howard The Duck (1976) #1-14 and Marvel Treasury Edition #12 as well as material from Fear #19, Man-Thing (1974) #1, Giant-Size Man-Thing #4-5 and F.O.O.M. #15.

Howard the Duck was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik in 1973 as a side character in a Man-Thing story in Adventure Into Fear #19, and then was featured in backup stories in Giant-Size Man-Thing #4-5 before finally getting his own series from 1976 to 1978.

The Marvel Masterworks edition is a 376-page hardcover that includes work by Gerber, Mayerik, writer and artist Frank Brunner, and artists Gene Colan, John Buscema, and Sal Buscema.  Brunner is the cover artist, and the book is rated T for teens.

Marvel will also publish two variant editions that will be exclusive to the direct market: Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 1 HC – Variant Edition Vol. 300 and Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 1 HC 300th Masterworks Exclusive Edition.

All three editions will have an MSRP of $75.00.

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