Renegade Game Studios unveiled Embarcadero, a gold rush tile placement game, coming to Kickstarter in Fall 2020.

It is San Francisco in 1850, and the Gold Rush is drawing ships of treasure hunters into the Bay. Unfortunately, the ships are becoming abandoned in the harbor, but luckily, a few business men have a vision of using these husks to build up the wharf area. In Embarcadero, players become entrepreneurs trying to build San Francisco on the hulls of these abandoned ships, and stake a claim to the city council. It plays over three rounds where players play cards and place tiles in an effort to earn points and influence over the wharves.

This game, designed by Adam Buckingham and Ed Marriot, supports two to four players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 60 to 90 minutes. An official MSRP has yet to be declared as the game is still pre-Kickstarter launch.

Renegade Game Studios also recently revealed Autumn Harvest: A Tea Dragon Society Game (see "Renegade Calls 'Tea Dragon Society' for 'Autumn Harvest'").