Spanish game company Corvus Belli will release Infinity Betrayal, a new graphic novel set in the universe of its Infinity miniatures game, the company announced.  It will be written by Victor Santos, who wrote Polar for Dark Horse (released as a Netflix feature earlier this year), with art by Agustin Graham Nakamura.

The 128-page b/w graphic novel will tell the story of Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut, who in a hidden base deep in the jungles of planet Paradiso, must determine whether his prisoner, Ko Dali, is a traitor to her country or an alien that has impersonated her to divide humanity.

Corvus Belli is also planning a limited edition, which will be packaged with an exclusive miniature of Ko Dali, playable with the new Infinity N4 rules (see "Corvus Belli Announces New ‘Infinity N4 Edition’"), and Infinity CodeOne.

The graphic novel will be distributed to trade this fall by most major hobby game distributors.