Iello USA announced Schotten Totten 2, a sequel to the original tactical card game by Reiner Knizia, for release on November 19.

Schotten Totten 2 is a asymmetrical card game with similar gameplay to the original (see "'Schotten Totten' and 'Rent-A-Hero' "). In this two-player game, one player takes on the role of the attacker and tries to breach the other player's castle walls by playing cards at different locations. This game using bluffing mechanics along with poker-style hands to facilitate a fast, tactical card game.

The game box comes with 60 Siege cards, 10 Tactical cards, 7 Wall tiles, 3 Boiling oil tokens, 2 Player aid cards, and a rulebook. It is for two players, age 8 and up, plays in 20 minutes, and retails for $12.99.

 Iello USA recently released Kitara, a conquest board game (see "Restore the Greatness of the Empire in 'Kitara'").