Wizards of the Coast is offering double the product on select Magic: The Gathering - Secret Lair drops to WPN Premium stores in return for accurate, on-time POS data.

WotC has been adding new perks for its WPN Premium stores in 2020 as well as adapting the program to the complications created by COVID-19 (see "Rolling for Initiative -- A Letter from the Tabletop Tycoon and Changes to WPN Premium Store Status").  Their newest and possibly most significant perk comes in the form of doubling their WPN Premium stores' orders on select Secret Lair offerings in return for submitting POS data on-time.

WPN Premium stores must submit accurate POS data on the seventh day of every month, and now, in return, they will be eligible to receive double the Secret Lair drops with each select release.  This perk will be ongoing, and the next round of select Secret Lair sets will arrive with the winter release's promo packs.

The first Secret Lair set available to retail was released over the Summer and featured sought after Fetch Lands (see "Finally! A 'Magic: The Gathering' 'Secret Lair' for Retailers").