Flying Frog Productions will release revised core sets of Brimstone: City of the Ancients and Shadows of Brimstone: Swamps of Death, cooperative Old West dungeon crawl board games, on September 30.

The new versions of the City of the Ancients and Swamps of Death Core Set have been updated to include corrections and errata that have come up since their initial release (see "'Shadows of Brimstone'"). They also include brand new miniatures, updated cards, and  are  backward compatible with previously released material. These two products make a good entry point for new players, and are an upgrade for veteran fans of the product line.

Both of these games carry a MSRP of $119.95.

Along with the new core sets, Flying Frog will also release two updated Alt Gender Hero Packs, one for each game, and a Deluxe Depth Track Expansion. These Hero packs allow players to add four extra miniatures to the mix in each game as well as new cards and counters needed for play. They will retail for $31.95. The Deluxe Depth Track Expansion is an add-on set that includes a plastic Depth Track, a Hero Posse marker ring, a textured plastic Darkness marker ring, and 15 new game cards. It will retail for $24.95.   

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