Alderac Entertainment Group announced that Darkness Rising and Miricelle's Return, two new expansions for Thunderstone Quest, will be offered as part of The Enemies Among Us Kickstarter on September 29.

In Darkness Rising, players will take on a brood of vampires and their leader Count Mortas. This villian has been terrorizing of the citizens of Ebonwood, and feeding off their essence. Players enter the fray as new heroes that can draw on dark powers to banish the Count from the town for good!

In Miricelle’s Return, fan-favorite character Miricelle returns with her army of Scions to Thunderstone Keep. There, the loosely knit party will attempt to take down the Keep. This eleventh expansion to Thunderstone Quest will conclude the Miricelle story arc.

Alderac Entertainment Group will also release Calico in October (see " Cozy Up to 'Calico'").

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