Mantic Games announced Goblin Army 2020 and Goblin Mega Army 2020, for use with Kings of War miniatures game, which will release on October 26.

The Kings of War goblin armies are made up of a ragtag group of scattered clans from across that land which can be assembled under the loose leadership of a goblin king.  They aren't great warriors, but for what they lack in training, they make up in numbers. The Goblin Army 2020 set comes with 40 Goblin Infantry, 8 Mawpups, a Goblin Mincer, a metal Goblin Biggit, and 6 Trolls. This set will retail for $89.99.

A small army of goblin is one problem, but a goblin horde is a totally different issue altogether. The Goblin Mega Army 2020 is a much larger set of miniatures that includes 80 Goblin Infantry, 16 Mawpups, 6 Trolls, 10 Fleabag Riders, a metal Goblin King, and a Giant. This massive set of miniatures will retail for 149.99.

Mantic Games also unveiled Kings of War: War in the Holds – Two Player Starter Set for release in October (see "Mantic Games Unveils 'Kings of War: War in the Holds - Two Player Starter Set'").

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