Legendary fantasy authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, collectively with Margaret Weis, LLC., have filed suit against Wizards of the Coast over the cancellation of Dragonlance books.

The complaint was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington on October 16.  It alleged that WotC had arbitrarily terminated the production of the books in a teleconference on August 13, thereby cancelling the licensing agreement  with Weis and Hickman for the new Dragonlance books. No reason was provided for the termination, and Weis and Hickman allege it was done in bad faith.

As with some publishing contracts for legacy IPs, there was a "pin action" effect further down the chain when the contract got cancelled. When WotC randomly killed the agreement with Weis and Hickman, it subsequently negatively affected a publishing contract Weiss and Hickman had with Penguin Random House because it devalued the author's IP. Weis and Hickman claim that WotC knew that if they cancelled the Licensing Agreement that it would cost the authors millions of dollars from the loss of the Penguin Random House publishing contract.

The suit requests relief on three separate claims. The first claim is a straightforward breach of contract claim which also includes performance expectations, and the second is based on good faith and fair dealing. The third claim is based on the allegations that WotC knowingly interfered with Weis and Hickman's publishing contract, and claims the damages are in excess of $10 million.