Para Bellum Wargames is launching Conquest:  First Blood, a free new skirmish-scale version of its tabletop miniatures wargame Conquest:  The Last Argument of Kings.

Conquest:  First Blood is built on the same game system as the larger-scale original released last year (see “Para Bellum Wargames to Launch ‘Conquest’”).  It is intended both as a way to attract new players to the game as well as offering existing players an option for faster, smaller games.  The new system focuses on battles between smaller groups, allowing players to enjoy the game using fewer miniatures than would be needed for a full-scale rank-and-file battle.  It also disposes of the “block” unit movement in favor of a more open system.

The company is offering the First Blood rules as a free downloadable pdf document.  The new game is designed to use the same game components as the larger Conquest, including the models, dice, and terrain, and players can begin with a small number of Regiment Expansions and Characters.  Many of the core mechanics are identical, allowing players to easily shift from one gameplay style to the other.  Players who begin with First Blood can thus transition into the larger game by adding additional miniatures to their skirmish armies.

The company will be offering free POP display materials to help promote both games in retail stores as well as in-store game events.

Early next year, Para Bellum will release the new W’adhrun faction for Conquest (see “Para Bellum Unveils New Faction for ‘Conquest:  The Last Argument of Kings’”).