Para Bellum Wargames, a new company based in Cyprus with offices in Greece and the U.S., will launch Conquest, a new mass battle wargame, in June.  The new game is written by Alessio Cavatore, who worked on Games Workshop’s Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, and Lord of the Rings from 1995 to 2010.  In 2010 he founded River Horse Games, and designed Terminator Genisys, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Board Game, and other games for River Horse and other publishers. Para Bellum Sales & Marketing Director Yannis Krommydas shared news of the upcoming line at GAMA Trade Show.

The game take place in a dark fantasy setting, with up to 18 different races/factions.  Initial races include:

Humans, who look like medieval humans.

Spires, Para Bellum’s take on elves, who are actually off-worlders that manipulate biomass to create whatever they want, such as an archer with three arms or a creature made out of bone that can function like a tank.  The Spires split into two factions after arriving in the world, one that wants to return to their origin planet, and the other that is learning to live in their new world.

Dweghom, Para Bellum’s take on dwarves, who use dragons as beasts of burden and use firee magic to animate statues to fight for them.  They were created by the dragons, who are creators of life, to mine for them.  "When they found war, they consumed its power in order to fight them off," Krommydas said.  "The dweghom have a deep hatred for the dragons, and keep dragons in torture chambers and enjoy inflicting pain on them, because of the humiliation that they feel was imposed on them by being slaves."

Nords, which are twice the size of a normal human being, are Viking-like characters with ogres, trolls, sea giants, etc.

The initial release is a two-player Core Box plus eight unit boxes introducing the first two factions.  Value of the initial box is high, with 75 miniatures and a rule book for $85.  Infantry regiments will include 12 models, movement trays, and a card that interacts with a web application for $36.

In August, Para Bellum will introduce a one-player starter set and independent expansions for the Dweghom.  In November, the Nords will be introduced with a one-player starter set and expansions.

By June of 2020, the company plans to have 10 to 11 units for every one of the first four factions, followed by a new Core Box introducing the fifth and sixth factions.  By the end of the Year 3, the company plans to have fully populated the first seven factions with about 20 units for each.

Para Bellum has a schedule of in-store events supporting the line laid out for the initial six months after release.

The sculpts and depth of the universe were impressive, and the plans ambitious; Para Bellum is clearly planning to compete aggressively to become a top miniatures war game.

Click Gallery below for pictures of the miniatures from GAMA Trade Show!