Titan Comics announced Muhammad Ali, Kinshasa 1974, a graphic novel for release in February 23, 2021.

Next to the "Thrilla in Manila", "The Rumble in the Jungle" is one of Muhammad Ali's greatest fights where he battled and defeated World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman to reclaim his title after a four-year ban from boxing. The fight also took on civil rights significance because Ali was coming off a ban from boxing for refusing to be drafed as it was against his religious beliefs to go to war. He also was openly critical of the Vietnam War as well as advocated for African-Americans and racial justice.

Now, the story behind this epic battle has made its way to graphic novel form. This book is stylized as part photo-journalism, part comic art, and features photos from Abbas as well as artwork by Rafael Ortiz. The story is written by award-winning author Jean-David Morvan, and this graphic novel will retail for $29.99 upon release.

Dark Horse Comics released an American edition of the bande dessinee biography of Muhammad Ali in 2016 (see "'Muhammad Ali' Gets Graphic Biography").

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