Games Workshop will release House of Iron, a new faction book for Necromunda, on October 31.

House of Iron features the comprehensive history of House Orlock, including an expansive background on the House’s origins and a timeline of its development over four millennia.  House of Iron contains all the rules players will need to field an Orlock Gang in Necromunda, including a breakdown of the six different fighters available for the House - Road Captains, Road Sergeants, Arms Masters, Wreckers, Gunners, and Greenhorns.  The book will also includes rules for hiring additional units, such as Brutes, Bounty Hunters, and House Agents; strong alliances; a comprehensive weapons chart; and a D66 table of 18 new Orlock Gang Tactics for use in scenarios.

Necromunda: House of Iron is a 128-page hardcover book, and will retail for $47.00.

Games Workshop also announced a new starter set for its Warcry miniatures game (see "‘Warcry’ Descends Into The ‘Catacombs’").