Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner gave an update on the company’s entertainment initiatives in the company’s conference call on Q3 earnings this week (see "Big Gains in Hasbro Gaming in Q3”), and while we knew Hasbro was developing a D&D movie (see "Baby Steps: ‘D&D’ Movie Gets a Producer"), his news on Dungeons & Dragons TV programming in development was new to us.  The company is developing "…a couple of different approaches because there is so much mythology in canon to Dungeons & Dragons for live action television."  Both streamers and other terrestrial broadcasters have been expressing interest, Goldner said.

Hasbro is especially hot on streaming right now because it had impressive results with a short (six episode) Transformers series, War for Cybertron, last summer.  The show had "top performance across the entire Netflix platform” during Q3, and "drove considerable growth in Transformers brands," Goldner said in the call.

Other entertainment projects in the pipe include a new live action TV series around Power Rangers (in addition to the kids show), a live action Power Rangers film, and a CGI My Little Pony theatrical feature, due out in September 2021.

Hasbro greatly expanded its entertainment operations with the acquisition of Entertainment One last year (see "Deal Week for Hasbro").