WizKids announced WizKids 4D War Machines: Catapult and WizKids 4D War Machines: Battering Ram for release in March 2021.

WizKids will be offering up two new 4D War Machines to follow up on the Trebuchet and Ballista that they have on the schedule for December (see "Begin the Siege With 'WizKids 4D Settings: War Machines'"). The Battering Ram set will come with a Battering Ram, a Ram Head, a Skull Head, a Dragon Head, a Female Siege Commander, a War Horn, War Drums, a War Drum Stool, and War Drum Sticks miniatures. The Catapult set will come with a Catapult, 2 Single Stones, 2 Oil Pots, 2 Oil Pot Frames, a Human Engineer, and a Mound of Stones.

These two new sets will retail for $39.99 each and the contents of both of these sets is subject to change.

WizKids also announced WarLock Tiles: Town and Village: Town Square, a new tile scenery set, for release in January 2021 (see "Build City Street Layouts With The Latest 'Warlock Tiles: Town and Village' Set").