A copy of Detective Comics #27 has been bid up over a million dollars, with buyer's premium included, at the latest Heritage Comic Signature Auction which will be closing out on November 19-21.

With three days left to go, a copy of Detective Comics #27 (DC, 1939) graded a CGC 7.0 with off-white pages is sitting at a bid price of $1.09 million with the buyer's premium tacked on.  This comic is both the first appearance of Batman and Jim Gordon, and a "bucket list" collectible for heavyweight comic book collectors.  It is the best graded copy of Detective Comics #27 to come to market since 2010.

The current bid has already passed the highest price ever paid for Detective Comics #27 which was for CGC 8.0 at $1.07 million back in 2010 (see ""Bats Beats Supes").  When the hammer drops, this copy of Detective Comics #27 will join this short list of comic titles that have sold at above a million which also includes Action Comics #1 (three copies at over $2 million, at least one other at $1+ million (see "'Action Comics' #1 CGC 8.5 Sells for Record Sum"), Amazing Fantasy #15 ($1.1 million in 2011, see "'Amazing Fantasy' #15 sells for $1.1 Million").

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