Stonemaier Games unveiled Red Rising: Collector's Edition, a game based on a futuristic dystopian series of novels by Pierce Brown, for preorder in March.

In Red Rising, dystopian society is divided into 14 castes and players represent a house trying to rise to power. It is a combo-building game featuring hand management strategy gameplay. Players begin with five cards, and on their turn, they place one of those cards onto a location on the board. The card activates the location's ability, and the player gets the top card from a different location to add to their hand for points. A player's hand adds to their total points for scoring at the end of the game.

This game is for one to six players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45 to 60 minutes. MSRP and a retail release date for a standard edition will be announced at a later time.

Stonemaier Games previously announced Scythe Complete Rulebook, a compilation of rules and clarifications for the Scythe board game (see "Stonemaier Games Reveals 'Scythe Complete Rulebook'").