Goodman Games is bringing Gary Gygax’ and Frank Mentzer’s classic Dungeons & Dragons module The Temple of Elemental Evil back to life as part of its Original Adventures Reincarnated line in a massive two-volume set releasing in August.

Originally released in the 1980s, The Temple of Elemental Evil has been considered one of the most iconic adventures from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  The module centered around the supposedly overthrown Temple and the agents of evil and other monsters that seek to revive it, challenging players to navigate the untrustworthy communities surrounding the Temple as well as the ruined edifice itself.

The Goodman Games version will feature high-quality scans of the original T1-4 adventure, including T1:  The Village of Hommlet, as well as a fully-updated “translation” into 5E by Chris Doyle, Rick Maffei, and Tim Wadzinski.  The update section also offers new material expanding the setting, with new encounters, magic items, monsters, and spells, plus details on the evil Elemental Nodes.

As of this writing, layout work on the book is ongoing, with the publisher estimating that the total length will fall between 700 and 800 pages.  It will be bound in two hard-cover volumes with a custom slipcase.  MSRP is $99.99.

Last year, Goodman released the fifth title in the ongoing Original Adventures Reincarnated line, Castle Amber (see “Goodman Games Announces ‘Original Adventures Reincarnated #5:  Castle Amber”).