Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they will end their current run of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game with the Under Fu Leng's Shadow premium expansion.

The L5R LCG is coming to a close after five cycles of Dynasty Packs, seven Clan Packs, and three premium expansions. FFG originally bought L5R from Alderac Entertainment Group in 2015 (see " Fantasy Flight Games Acquires 'Legend of the Five Rings'"). Prior to FFG's reboot of L5R as a LCG in 2017 (see "'Legend of the Five Rings' Reborn"), the game had experienced a 20-year run as a CCG under John Zinser and AEG's leadership, and was widely-considered one of the most significant CCGs of all-time.

The L5R LCG's run will be completed with the release of Under Fu Leng's Shadow, a premium expansion that will release in May 2021. The focus of the expansion will be a battle on the southern border of Rokugan where the Shadowlands' hordes are attacking. This expansion will come with 271 cards and introduce two new ways to play the game. This final expansion will retail for $39.95.     

Despite the end of the card game, L5R will continue on, as an IP, in other forms. FFG has other games in development for the line, and the Legend of the Five Rings RPG in ongoing. Fans can also keep up with storyline of Rokugan through novels from Asmodee's Aconyte Books imprint.