WizKids has announced five two-figure packs for its Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts line, launching in July.

Deep Cuts features unpainted pre-primed plastic miniatures with deeply molded details for ease of painting.  Some models have translucent components.  Each of these packs comes with both “low level” and “high level” versions of a race and class combination suitable for use with Paizo’s Starfinder role playing game, presented in clear packaging so the buyer can see the models before purchase.  Little or no assembly is required.

The five packs releasing in July include:

  • Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts:  Human Mechanic
  • Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts:  Kasatha Operative
  • Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts:  Shirren Technomancer
  • Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts:  Vesk Soldier
  • Starfinder Battles Deep Cuts:  Skittermander Envoy

MSRP is $4.99 per pack.

The new sets join a broad assortment of new miniatures coming from WizKids in July (see “WizKids Figure and Terrain Release Calendar for Q3 of 2021” and “More Monsters Coming for ‘D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures’”).

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