Capstone Games announced that they have gone semi-exclusive with ACD Distribution and Alliance Game Distributors by cutting three distributors: Southern Hobby, Peachstate Hobby Distribution, and GTS Distribution. They also officially introduced two new hires that they have made over recent months.

As of March 1, Capstone Games' products will be available to hobby channel only through ACD Distribution and Alliance Game Distributors. They had previously been available through Southern Hobby, Peachstate Hobby Distribution, and GTS Distribution, but then, Capstone opted to streamline their logistics infrastructure and cut their distributors down to only two. Clay Ross, President of Capstone Games had the following to say about the move:

"Our goal is to have our products available at all times across the market, barring any temporary situations where a product is in between printings," said Ross. "With our streamlined logistics infrastructure, coupled with strong sales teams and marketing opportunities, we are excited to work closer with ACD and Alliance on this new endeavor."

In addition to the distribution change, Capstone also officially introduced the new additions of Jillian Ross and Eric Schumacher to their team. Jillian Ross became their Sales and Marketing Manager in August 2020, and Eric Schumacher filled the role of their Customer Service Manager in November 2020.

Calliope Games also recently modified their distribution roster as well (see "Calliope Games Slashes Distributor Roster").