Upper Deck Entertainment announced Into the Darkness, a new expansion for Marvel Vs. System 2PCG, which will release in April.

This set marks the conclusion of the Darkness and Light story arc, and features three new Main Characters as well as 8 Supporting Characters to add to games of Marvel Vs. System 2PCG. This expansion features an epic battle between the creatures of the night, like Morbius, and the heroes that protect the realm from them, such as Blade. The game box comes with 55 cards and a rulesheet.

Marvel Vs. System 2PCG: Into the Darkness will retail for $14.99.

Upper Deck Entertainment will release Marvel Vs. System 2PCG: Mystic Arts, a new expansion, in March (see "Brand-New 'Mystic Arts' Expansion Introduces the 2021 'Marvel Vs. System 2PCG' Story Arc").