Ares Games announced Brancalonia RPG Setting Book, a Medieval Italian fantasy setting that is compatible with 5E rules, for release in May.

Billed as a "Spaghetti Fantasy RPG", this setting by Acheron Books mixes contemporary Italian fiction with Italian fantasy tradition and pop culture. The book is inspired by Collodi’s Pinocchio, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Spaghetti Westerns of the modern era. As an example, player characters in this setting are Knaves, Free Company mercenaries, rogues, and other fantasy characters with suspicious professions.

This setting book comes as a 192-page hardcover with maps, characters, antagonists, monsters, and other flavor for the Kingdom. It features six new playable races, new talents, equipment, rules, and magic items. Brancalonia RPG Setting Book also comes with a six adventure set in different parts of the Kingdom.

Along with the main RPG book, Ares also revealed the Macaronicon and Conottiero's Screen. The Macaronicon is a 160-page expansion manual that adds new options for Kingdom Rogues, 10 new subclasses, three new races, and new background. Conottiero's Screen is a GM screen with reference tables for the game.

Ares Games also announced that they have inked a deal with Asyncron Games to distribute Asyncron's Engish edition board games in North America and additional territories (see "Ares and Asyncron Ink a Distribution Deal").