Dan Bock is putting his $20 million worth of Magic: The Gathering inventory on the TCGplayer platform and joining the company as an advisor, the company announced.  Bock is a past Magic Pro Tour player, the owner of PowerNine Company, and owns more Power Nine cards, including Black Lotus cards, than any other person or company.  He is an active eBay dealer and has been selling on the platform for 23 years.  In addition to putting his inventory on the TCGplayer platform, Bock is relocating to Syracuse, New York and becoming an advisor in seller experience initiatives at TCGplayer.

"Dan has unmatched seller experience and authentication expertise and brings to TCGplayer a unique customer-first mindset," TCGplayer CEO Chedy Hampson said of the deal.  "His impressive collection of Magic: The Gathering products builds on the positive momentum we’re seeing in our Direct by TCGplayer program, and will add to the marketplace an incredible amount of Power Nine cards, Dual Lands from every set printed, and collector and tournament staples."

Bock expressed optimism around his new role.  "My outlook on the industry is very optimistic and I look forward to sculpting its future alongside the thought leaders at TCGplayer who can turn seller ideas into reality," he said.