Skybound will release Skybound X, a weekly event series featuring an ongoing story with The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, plus the introductions of numerous new series and characters, this summer, the company announced.  The first of five issues will be released July 7.

Each issue will begin with a chapter from Rick Grimes 2000, a storyline introduced in the back of The Walking Dead #75, by Invincible team Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.

Other talent on the first issue includes writers Tillie Walden, James Harren, and Chris Dingess; and artists Tillie Walden, James harren, and Matthew Roberts.  Introductions will include what Skybound is calling the (capitalized!) First Appearance of Clementine, from Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game.  The issue will also include new Ultramega and Manifest Destiny stories.

The second issue creators include writers Robert Kirkman, Chip Zdarsky, Daniel Warren Johnson, Irma Knivila, and Tri Vuong; and artists Ryan Tottley, Ramon K. Perez, Daniel Warren Johnson, Tri Vuong, and Irma Knivila.  In addition to Rick Grimes 2000, other stories will feature the debut of a major new Stillwater character, a Murder Falcon, throwdown, and the (there’s that capitalization again) First Appearance of Everyday Hero Machine Boy.

The third issue is by writers Robert Kirkman, Joshua Williamson, Kyle Starks; and artists Ryan Ottley, Andrei Bressan, Erica Henderson, and Cory Walker.  In addition to Rick Grimes 2000, stories will include a coda to the Birthright saga, a spotlight on Assassin Nation’s F*ck Terkington, and a Science Dog installment.

The fourth issue is by writers Robert Kirkman, Donny Cates, Brandon Thomas, and Mairghred Scott; with art by Ryan Ottley, Lisandro Estherren, Khary Randolph, and Pablo Tunica.  This issue includes the First Appearance of Sea Serpent’s Heir, new Redneck and Excellence stories, and the fourth chapter of Rick Grimes 2000.

The fifth and final issue is by writers Robert Kirkman, Kyle Starks, and Sean Mackiewicz; and artists Ryan Ottley, Jason Howard, Chris Schwei9zer, and Niko Walter.  Stories include the conclusion of Rick Grimes 2000, new The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton and Gasolina stories, plus a new feature by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard.

The first issue will be 52 pages and issues #2-#5 will be 44 pages.  All will be priced at $4.99.  Numerous covers are planned.

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