Asmodee USA has been awarded exclusive distribution rights to English language versions of Plague Inc.: The Board Game and Plague Inc: Armageddon by publisher Ndemic Creations, the companies announced. The board game and expansion, originally Kickstarted and sold through Amazon, are based on Ndemic’s hugely popular Plague Inc mobile game, which has had over 160 million players.  The game will be available through Asmodee in May.

The Kickstarter for the original game raised $355,784 from 6,590 backers, and the Armageddon expansion raised $205,040 from 3,813 backers.

In Plague Inc: The Board Game, one to four players take the role of a deadly mutating disease that evolves unique symptoms as they compete against other players to infect everyone on the globe.  The Armageddon expansion adds a fifth player, plus strategic depth, new abilities and very different disease types.  The base game is required to play.

Ndemic sells Plague Inc: The Board Game on Amazon for $44.99, Plague Inc: Armageddon for $34.99.