Monster Fight Club will release 11 new miniature sets for their Cyberpunk RED miniatures line, which hit stores soon..

With the Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone KS on the horizon (see "Monster Fight Club Enters 'Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone'"), MFC has added several new miniatures sets to their Cyberpunk RED line. These sets come with three unpainted miniatures as well as a durable plastic base for each. The models will also require some assembly out of the package and are suitable for age 12 and up.  

The upcoming sets are as follows:

  • Edgerunners A (Solo, Tech, Netrunner)                 
  • Edgerunners B (Tech, Nomad, Fixer)                      
  • Edgerunners C (Rocker, Netrunner, Media)                         
  • Edgerunners D (Solo, Nomad, Media)                   
  • Lawmen A (Command)                
  • Lawmen B (Enforcers)                   
  • Generation Red A                           
  • Generation Red B                            
  • Rockerboys A                    
  • Trauma Team A (Doc, Holder, Security)                 
  • Trauma Team B (Pilot - Security)              

Each set will retail for $20.00.

Click on Gallery below for full-size images!