Acrylicos Vallejo and Monster Fight Club revealed four new Cyberpunk Red paint kits that will release in May.

The four new paint kits include an exclusive miniature along with eight 17 ml. paints that complement the miniature's sculpt. It also includes a step-by-step tutorial by Angel Giraldez provided as both a written/pictoral guide and an online video that can be accessed via QR codes. Each paint kit will retail for $40.99.

The four kits coming out are as follows:

  • Game Color Set: Cyberpunk — Combat Zone (8), 17ml. + Nemo Miniature
  • Game Color Set: Cyberpunk — Lawmen (8), 17ml. + Sgt. Suou Miniature
  • Game Color Set: Cyberpunk — Solo (8), 17ml. + Jonathan “Warlock” Powers Miniature
  • Game Color Set: Cyberpunk — Solo (8), 17ml.+ Jonathan “Warlock” Powers Miniature

Monster Fight Club will also release 11 new miniature sets for their Cyberpunk RED miniatures line (see "Monster Fight Club Unleashes 11 New 'Cyberpunk RED' Miniatures Sets ").

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