Monster Fight Club will release Tentacle Town, a resource management board game, into retail in Q2.

In Tentacle Town, players are vying to become the new mayor of a town that is being attacked by giant tentacles from the sea. To accomplish this, players will need to recruit new citizens, put them to work completing tasks, and build up the various districts in the town while fending off tentacle attacks. This game utilizes a number of mechanics including action selection, resource management, engine building, and area control. It also comes with optional rules and Random Task cards to enhance replayability.    

The game box comes with a game board, 40 wooden houses, 20 wooden residents, 10 rubber tentacles, 4 Tentacle dice, a Harpoon die, a Harpoon spinner, 4 die cut token sheets, 12 Task cards, a turn reference card, and a rulebook. It is for two to four players, age 6 and up, and plays in 45-60 minutes. This game will retail for $50.

Monster Fight Club will also release 11 new miniature sets for their Cyberpunk RED miniatures line (see " Monster Fight Club Unleashes 11 New 'Cyberpunk RED' Miniatures Sets").