Modiphius Entertainment unveiled Dwemer Centurion and Ballista and Dwemer Spheres and Spiders, miniatures sets for use with Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, which will release in late May.

The Dwemer are an ancient Dwarven race from Skyrim that built colossal, high-tech underground cities. These two of miniatures sets feature some of their iconic clockwork constructs from the video game. Dwemer Centurion and Ballista showcases the Dwemer Centurion, which is heavily-armed juggernaut that protects Dwarven treasures. The Centurion is flanked by two support Dwemer Ballistas, which are mobile artillery that shoots bolts intruders. This set comes with 3 unassembled miniatures and their respective scenic bases.

Dwemer Spheres and Spiders are the tireless guardians of the Dwarven ruins strewn throughout Skyrim. Dwemer Spheres are the foot soldiers of the ruins, fending off foes with a crossbow and sword. The Dwemer Spiders leap at their prey to catch them off guard, and explode if destroyed. This set comes with 3 Dwemer Spiders, 2 Dwemer Spheres, and 5 scenic bases.

Each set will retail for $56.00.

Modiphius Entertainment also announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the Boardgame for release later 2021 pending a successful crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound (see "Modiphius Entertainment Announces 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the Boardgame'").

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