Privateer Press revealed four Monsterpocalypse miniatures sets for release in August.

The Slingoozer set adds a creature of the Waste to the battlefield. This monster primarily features blast attacks where it flings pieces of itself onto its enemies. This set comes with a single, resin Slingoozer miniature and will retail for $27.99.

Gakura is an Empire of the Apes monster that is a master of Improvised Weapons. It tosses debris tiles at enemies and can join any Protectors force. The set contians a resin/metal Gakura miniature and will retail for $27.99. 

The G-Tank, C-Type Shinobi, and Ape Gunner set offers alternate takes on Elite units to a Protectors force. Similarly, the U-Tank, WW-82, and Scorcher allows players to customize their Elite units in a Destroyers army. Each set offers enough variation with the units' sculpts to appeal to Monsterpocalypse collectors. These sets will come with three metal miniatures each and retail for $24.99.

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