Paizo, Inc. will release Pathfinder Spell Cards: Secrets of Magic, a new spell deck for Pathfinder RPG, into retail in October.

Pathfinder RPG players can catalogue, sort, and master every last incantation with this new spellcasting accessory. It comes with over 400 spell reference cards that span every magical tradition and focus spell from Secrets of Magic. These cards are meant to provide quick access reference for spells while playing, and allow players to plan their spells to unleash onto unsuspecting monsters.

Pathfinder Spell Cards: Secrets of Magic will retail for $54.99.  

Paizo, Inc. announced Pathfinder Secrets of Magic, for Pathfinder RPG 2E for release in August 2021 (see "Paizo, Inc. Announces 'Pathfinder Secrets of Magic'").