Games Workshop unveiled Citadel STC Brushes, for painting miniatures, which will release on May 22.

Miniatures painting requires a range of brushes to precisely detail the small features of the models. Citadel STC Brushes offer bristles that have been made out of 100% synthetic fibers to help maintain the brush's shape and prevent curling. These brushes have been designed to allow the user to paint on a number of surfaces, laying out the paint quickly and evenly.

The new Citadel STC Brushes in this line are as follows:

  • STC S Layer Brush. MSRP $6.40.
  • STC M Layer Brush. MSRP $7.25.
  • STC M Shade Brush. MSRP $8.00.
  • STC L Shade Brush. MSRP $12.50.
  • STC S Base Brush. MSRP $6.50.
  • STC M Base Brush. MSRP $8.00.
  • STC L Base Brush. MSRP $8.75.
  • STC XL Base Brush. MSRP $10.50.
  • STC S Dry Brush. MSRP $7.50.
  • STC M Dry Brush. MSRP $8.00.
  • STC L Dry Brush. MSRP $10.50.
  • STC Glaze Brush. MSRP $6.75.

Games Workshop also unveiled Death Battletome: Soulblight Gravelords, for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar (see "Games Workshop Unveils New Battletome and Miniatures for 'Warhammer: Age of Sigmar'").