Atomic Mass Games unleashed two new miniatures packs for Marvel Crisis Protocol, which are both on preorder. 

With Steve Rogers returned to his natural age and retired, Sam Wilson stepped in as the new Captain America. Similarly, James Rhodes stepped in for Tony Stark to dawn the War Machine battle suit. The Captain America and War Machine pack brings some heavy air support to the battlefield, and comes with a Captain America miniature, a War Machine miniature, 2 bases, 4 Team Tactic cards, 2 Character Stat cards, and 11 tokens. It will retail for $39.95.

The Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova pack features two mental masters from the X-Men comics. Jean Grey is gifted telepath, and Cassandra Nova gains powerful psychic abilities when she got into a psychic entanglement with Xavier. This set comes with one Jean Grey miniature, a Cassandra Nova miniature, 2 bases, 2 Team Tactic cards, 2 Character Stat cards, and 11 tokens. The set will also retail for $39.95.

Atomic Mass Games also unveiled NYC Apartment Building Terrain Pack, for use with Marvel Crisis Protocol, for release into retail in summer 2021 (see "Pick Up Prime Real Estate for 'Marvel Crisis Protocol'").

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