Fantasy Flight Games announced Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion and Investigator Expansion, for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, which will release later in 2021.

The Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion sends players to Antarctica to explore the horrors that await in the ice sheets.  This expansion comes with over 300 scenario cards for an Edge of the Earth campaign.  Campaign Expansions will take the place of monthly Mythos packs going forward, and the Campaign Expansions will contain an entire cycle worth of cards.  Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion will retail for $59.95.

Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion comes with player cards that expand deckbuilding options for the campaign.  The box comes with five investigators and around 250 cards to strengthen the game's card pool.  It will retail for $39.95.

Both expansions require an Arkham Horror: The Card Game core set to play.

Fantasy Flight Games will also release Return to the Circle Undone, an upgrade expansion for Arkham Horror LCG, this summer (see "Fantasy Flight Games Will Release 'Return to the Circle Undone'").

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