Andrew Hackard, Line Editor of the Munchkin game line for the past 12+ years (see, for example, "Interview with SJG Execs"), and freelance editor who edited several of Wil Wheaton’s books, among other projects, passed away on June 17 from brain cancer.  He was 50 years old.  Hackard also worked as a freelance editor, editing several of actor Wil Wheaton’s books, and had a previous four-year stint at Steve Jackson as an editor and Managing Editor.

In his role as Munchkin line editor, Hackard developed many of the Munchkin line extensions, including licensed versions.  New products featuring his work are still being released (see "’Munchkin Bosses’").

Tributes have been widespread, especially from those who worked with him most closely.

"As the 'Munchkin Tzar', Andrew has been my colleague for more than a decade, and became a great cherished friend, with an unmatched wit," frequent Munchkin artist John Kovalic wrote on Twitter.  "His work brought enormous joy to literally millions.  There is no filling a loss like this."

"Andrew's influence on my creative self will be with me for the rest of my life, in everything I write, and for that I am grateful," Wheaton wrote (shared on the Steve Jackson Games website).  "And I can find some joy in the knowledge that Andrew will outlive all of us through his work.  Every single time you play Munchkin, you're keeping Andrew's memory alive, and as someone who loved him, I thank you for that."

"I'm lucky to have had Andrew's help all these years, and proud to have been his friend," Munchkin designer and Steve Jackson Games CEO Steve Jackson wrote.