Mantic Games announced the new Salamander army product line, for Kings of War miniature game, which will release in July.

The newest Kings of War army has a fiery disposition, and will be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Salamander Mega Army is a big box product that comes with everything players need to field an army for this new faction. It comes with 60 hard plastic Salamanders, a resin Salamander Arkosaur Mage Priest, a resin Salamander Tyrants regiment, a resin Fire Elementals regiment, metal Salamander Unblooded Regiment Upgrade parts, and bases. It will retail for $149.99.

There will also be a smaller boxed set called the Salamander Army. This set features 30 hard plastic Salamanders, a resin Salamander Clan Lord, a resin Salamander Leikelidon, resin Salamander Ceremonial Guard Regiment Upgrade parts, and bases. The smaller set will retail for $89.99.

The Salamander army also features a unique cavalry unit, Rhinosaur Cavalry Regiment, that comes with salamander mounted on thundering rhino-like beasts. This boxed set comes with 3 resin Salamander Rhinosaur Cavalry and 3 50mm bases for $49.99.

Mantic Games also launched four Extra Large Ships, for use with Kings of War: Armada  (see "Mantic Games Launches Extra Large Ships for 'Armada'").

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