WizKids revealed the miniatures from two D&D Icons of the Realms: Saltmarsh Boxed Sets, which are scheduled to release in October.

There were few details given about the two products, other their contents, but this release is likely related to their upcoming release of the Ghosts of Saltmarsh board game expansion (see "WizKids Unveils 'D&D Ghosts of Saltmarsh' Board Game Expansion"). Box 1 comes with a Rip Tide Priest; Sigurd “Snake Eyes”, Pirate Captain; Punketah, Pirate Deck Wizard;  Bloody Bjorn, Pirate First Mate; Sauriv; Koalinth Sergeant; and Vampiric Jade Statue. Box 2 will contain Baron Kepmak, Blademaster Makaht, High Priestess Thadrah, Krell Grohlg, Mr. Dory, Skum, and Thousand Teeth the Devourer.

Each set will retail for $39.99.

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