Renegade Game Studios and Oni Games announced The Three Little Wolves, a family game designed by Poki Chen and Smoox Chen, which will release in October.   

In The Three Little Wolves, is a reimagined fairy tale where the Big Bad Pigs tries to destroy the Little Wolves houses.The goal of the game is for players to build one to three of the tallest houses in the city by adding floors and basement levels. On their turns, they can play cards to increase the size of one of their houses or discard a card to send a wolf token to hide in another player’s house.

The key to the game is timing, and knowing when to sneak into other players houses to hide. At the end of the game, the pigs will destroy the smallest house of each color, and the player with the most points will win the game.

The Three Little Wolves is for two to four players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 20 minutes. It will retail for $21.99.

Renegade Game Studios and Oni Games will release Gudetama: A Tricky Egg Card Game - Holiday Edition, a trick-taking game, in September (see "'Gudetama' Floats in the Nog of a 'Holiday' Makeover ").