Cubicle 7 announced Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game 2E, which will be coming soon to preorder.

The announcement of Doctor Who 2E comes on the heels of Cubicle 7 renewing its Doctor Who license with BBC Studios, which was originally inked back in 2008 (see "Cubicle 7 Plans 'Doctor Who RPG'"). This new edition will feature a complete revised rules set, which includes character creation, an updated version of the Vortex system, and rules of TARDIS creation. The new book contains an expansive background on the Universe as it stands in Doctor Who lore as well as tips for running games. There will also be pregenerated character sheets for the Doctor and her companions, so that players can quick-start a game session.

Thus far, there has been no word on MSRP for this product.

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