Ultra PRO recently sounded the alarm that counterfeit Ultra PRO collectible storage goods are being sold on the open market, and are warning retailers to be vigilant against buying them.

Ultra PRO has been a strong brand in the collectibles storage space for decades, and now, their staple products are being counterfeited thanks to increased and a streaky supply chain (see "Rolling for Initiative - Why Plastic Game Accessories Are Scarce"). They are currently investigating the source of the counterfeit products, and have reminded retailers that genuine Ultra PRO supplies are sold through their Ultra PRO Account Manager. Ultra PRO goods offered directly by a factory or factory representative are counterfeits.

Ultra PRO is prepared to take legal action against counterfeiters, both overseas and domestic, to protect their brand. If a retailer believes they've received counterfeit Ultra PRO goods or a solicitation for Ultra PRO products from anywhere other than their Ultra PRO Account Manager, they should forward any information they have to sales@ultrapro.com.