Asmodee Group will release Great Plains, an area control game by Lookout Games, on September 10.

In Great Plains, players assume control of either the clever foxes or the wise snakes to attempt to gain control of their opponents' territory. Players must overcome mountains, traverse valleys and sneak into the other territory. The winner will be the player that uses of clever tactics to claim the most land for their tribe by game's end.

The game box includes 7 double-sided boards, 6 cave markers, 40 hunter meeples, 9 animal tokens, and a rulebook. It a two-player game, for ages 10 and up, and will play in 20 minutes. Great Plains retails for $29.99.

Asmodee released Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking into Prison, story game by Lookout Games, earlier this year (see "'Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking into Prison' into U.S. Trade").