Macy’s and WHP Global, owner of the Toys 'R' Us brands, are collaborating on an online Toys 'R' Us store and to establish Toys 'R' Us stores-within-a-store at 400 Macy’s stores, rolling out in 2022.  The Toys 'R' Us in Macy’s stores will feature dedicated sections by age, interest, and category, with interactive experiences and activation centers.

The online Toys 'R' Us is featured on the Macy’s home page and is integrated with the Macy’s site.  We found a substantial selection of the key Asmodee evergreens, including Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, and Carcassonne.  The site offered Gloomhaven, but no Wingspan.  While Dungeon Mayhem was offered, there were no Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering products, also from Wizards of the Coast.

WHP Global, which also owns Anne Klein and Joseph Abboud, acquired Toys 'R' Us earlier this year after Tru Kids Inc. closed its U.S. stores see "Toys ‘R’ Us Brands Sold Again").