Wizards of the Coast has made some updates to their EventLink and MTG Companion digital organized play tools for retailers and players.  

Retailers running in-store WotC events, since OP re-opened (see "U.S. In-Store Play Suspension"), have been wading through using these relatively new organizer tools and sending WotC feedback on a variety of glitches and improvements to be made to the software. WotC recently updated the software in response to feedback as well as added new features.

EventLink was experiencing a few major bugs that were addressed in this update. There was cookie glitch that was causing some users to get stuck in a "login loop" as well as a issue with win calculations being tabulated incorrectly. Both bugs were squashed, and they also improved the software by adding the following:   

  • A confirmation for starting a single elimination event now displays before starting the event.
  • A unique “chime” sound that will play if time is left in the round but all matches have been reported.
  • A message that displays to inform two players with fixed seating that they are paired against one another.
  • Standings for Booster Drafts now display Pod numbers in addition to player names, tie breakers, and records to help organizers calculate prizes.

WotC developers will also add a round timer to MTG Companion. This round timer will be synced to the organizer's timer in their EventLink browser. The feature is expected to be available by the end of Q3.