Wizards of the Coast revealed new art-related details and card images for Innistad: Midnight Hunt, the next Magic: The Gathering set. This set will hit stores on on September 24, 2021 (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Release Calendar for 2020/2021").

The newest Innistrad set features several highlights that resonate with the style and concepts that made this particular plane a fan favorite over the years. Werewolves and Warlocks were a primary focus of this set, so WotC art directors came up with a "showcase equinox" frame coupled with artwork for these characters' cards. The showcase artwork is a homage to classic comic horror titles like Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight, and some of the showcase art was created by Eisner-winning comic artists Emma Rios (see " Eisner Awards 2020") and Michael Walsh (see "First Second Takes Most Eisners").

{IMAGE_3}Innistad: Midnight Hunt also has several black and white cards in the set, which are referred to as having the "eternal night" treatment. This art treatment is old horror movie-inspired and comes on legendary cards and basic lands. The set also contains traditional foil treatments as well as 92 rare and mythic rare extended-art cards which are found in Collector Boosters. There also three borderless planeswalkers and five borderless cards for the new dual land cycle (which come into play untapped if a player controls two or more other lands).

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