Fantasy Flight Games will release Valkyrie Hero Pack, for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, into retail on November 19.

Valkyrie Hero Pack features the once mighty leader of Odin's Valkyrior, who defied him to join the Avengers.  Valkyrie descends into games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game with the ability to mark enemies for death with her Death-Glow.  This hero pack comes with Valkyrie as a playable hero and 16 of her signature cards.  Valkyrie's pre-built 40 card deck focuses on the Aggression aspect, which will help players if they decide to take on the Mad Titan himself.

Valkyrie Hero Pack will retail for $14.95, and requires a Marvel Champions LCG core set to play.

Fantasy Flight Games also revealed War Machine Hero Pack, for Marvel Champions LCG, which is currently on preorder (see "'War Machine'").

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