Dynamite Entertainment will release Evil Ernie #1 into retail stores in December 2021.

Evil Ernie is headed back to comic shelves in this winter with a new look. This character made his first appearance alongside Lady Death in Brian Pulido's first published work, Evil Ernie #1 (1991), under the Eternity label. Later, the label became Chaos! Comics which eventually was passed on to Dynamite, who rebooted Evil Ernie (see "Dynamite Rebooting 'Evil Ernie'").

In the new series, Ernest Gleckman nice guy who is also the leader of a rock band on weekends. Gleckman is mortally wounded and barely survives. Now, he has to repay his second lease on life by becoming the avatar of a death cult by becoming the one and only Evil Ernie. This new series is penned by Scott Lobdell, who recently did the Green Hornet for Dynamite (see "Preview: 'Green Hornet' #1").                                                                                

"I saw this Evil Ernie series as a way to explore not only the effect of Ernie's unadulterated  evil on an innocent college student," said Lobdell. "But would Ernie react to having to reside in a vessel of pure innocence in order to achieve his goal?"

This book also features the art of Ariel Medel (Xena) and coloring by Candice Han. The covers for the first issue are rendered by Brett Booth and Arthur Suydem.

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